Radar microwave sensor switch three-wire adjustable delay intelligent motion sensor 86 type building switch panel




Microwave induction switch manual

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Functional features:


When an active object enters the induction range, the switch starts to energize the load. If the activity is within the induction range and delay period, the switch will continue to delay automatically and will not turn off the light. If the switch remains stationary or leaves the sensing range, the switch will automatically turn off the light after one cycle of delay.


Self-contained ambient light detection function, the default light only at night (adjustable daytime work)


Can penetrate some non-metallic materials induction, such as glass, gypsum board, wood, plastic, etc., below 15cm of the wall may penetrate the induction. Especially suitable for hidden installation, does not affect the appearance.


Electrical parameters.


Operating voltage: AC170-250V (beyond the range can be customized)


Induction mode: active


Static power consumption: 0.5 watts


Output mode: relay


Delay time: default about 10-180 seconds adjustable (beyond the adjustable range can be customized)


Illumination: default 5LUX, 5-5000LUX adjustable (beyond the adjustable range can be customized)


Sensing distance: default 3-9 meters adjustable (beyond the adjustable range can be customized)


Induction angle: 360 degrees


Load range: all lamps, exhaust fans and alarms, etc.


Load power: light bulbs ≤ 1000 watts, energy-saving lamps ≤ 500, LED lights ≤ 300 watts


Operating temperature: -20 ℃ – +55 ℃




  1. Please do not operate with electricity, must be installed by professionals.


  1. Please do not overload the use.


  1. Please do not use the volatile objects as the installation base. In the induction area, do not have obstacles that affect the detection of the switch or objects that keep moving, and do not have electromagnetic interference from other equipment, such as high-voltage electricity and so on.


  1. When first energized, the induction switch or induction light will automatically energize and turn off after a delay cycle to resume normal light control and induction functions.


  1. Because of active induction, induction switch will emit electromagnetic waves, so in the absence of obstruction, the distance between the two microwave induction switch or microwave induction lamp is best to maintain more than 5 meters, the distance is too close to interfere with each other.


  1. This product is not suitable for outdoor installation.


Special tips.


  1. radar sensor switch distance problem, subject to the actual installation environment, the distance is generally about 3-9 meters, the narrower the space the smaller the induction range, such as hallways and corridors; the more open space the greater the induction range, such as garages and the like. This is not a switch quality problem, is the characteristics of the microwave, small space because of the reflected waves and normal emission wave cancel each other out.


  1. After adjusting the induction range, you need to wait 3 minutes before the adjusted range, so do not think that the adjustment is not responsive.


Adjustable schematic: adjustable products in the debugging please be sure to use a screwdriver to gently adjust, meet the resistance is the end, can not go further, otherwise it will be adjusted to bad parts

Figure 1: adjust the left side of the day light, adjust the right side of the night light.

Figure 2: adjust the left to increase the range, adjust the right to reduce the range.


Figure 3: adjust the left side to increase the time, adjust the right side to reduce the time.


Wiring diagram.


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